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Nature’s Fan Aluminium and Timber Window Kits from Jewel Aluminium Windows

The lustre and simplicity of Nature’s Fan aluminium and timber windows, evolved from the sashless double hung  window system, are the first choice of discerning home renovators, builders and designers. The Pearl Double Glazed vertical window is thermally enhanced with a sash 'T' section in rigid PVC. Jewel and its parent Rapid Aluminium have jointly designed the most visually brilliant and functionally superior windows available today.

     Nature's Fan Range Easy Build  Sustainable & Safer
Nature's Fan

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Jewel Aluminium Windows Elegantly Designed for Unimpeded Views
The Nature’s Fan Pearl double hung window effortlessly glides open and closes in one simple motion. The two panes of glass slide past each other simultaneously in an artful act of brilliance providing an uninterrupted view - unobstructed by fittings, frames and bulky locks. More

Nature’s Fan Window Range, Designed to Naturally Air Condition and Save on Energy Costs
“Nature’s Fan” is designed to improve room air circulation. Cool air enters below and warm air is forced out above, while the Pearl vertical window naturally air conditions your rooms. Jewel Windows are the sustainable choice - simple high quality mechanics, optional double glazing, a unique anti-intruder barrier and More.

Nature’s Fan 'Easy Build' DIY Assembly Kit
The 'Easy Build' kit is the easy to use, cost efficient window choice for Home Renovators, Builders and Designers. Only Jewel provides its entire range as a ready to assemble kit. You just provide the measurements. More

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